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    Czech brown coals and lignites as basis for the preparation of sorbents
    Influence of Calcareous Sorbents on Particulate Emissions from Fluidized Bed Combustion of Lignite
    Influence of sorbents on emission of elements from fluidised bed combustion
    Laboratory Preparation of Sorbents from Chars
    Mechanical properties of sorbents from brown coal
    Mechanical properties of sorbents from brown coal
    Mechanical properties of sorbents from brown coals
    Modification of Sorption Properties of Carbon Sorbents by Means of an Artifical Surface Layer
    Modified aluminosilicates as low-cost sorbents of As(III) from anoxic groundwater
    Modified low-grade aluminosilicates as efective sorbents of hazardeous axyanions from aqueous systems
    Modified low-grade aluminosilicates as effective sorbents of hazardeous oxyanions from aqueous systems
    New Techniques for the Production of Chars and Sorbents from Coal
    Particulate Emissions from Fluidised Bed Combustion of Ligite with Mineral Sorbents
    Properties of Sorbents from Brown Coal
    Properties of sorbents from brown coals
    Sorbents of Toxic Metals and Radionuclides Based on Immobilized Humic Acid and Chitosan
    Sorbents of toxic metals based on low-rank coal and chitosan
    Toxic elements in sorbents from coal-waste polymers mixtures