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    Palaeozoic Palynology in Space and Time
    Palaeozoic Palynology in space and time : CIMP general meeting 2006: book of abstracts
    Palaeozoic palynology in space and time. Book of abstracts
    Paleozoic palynology in space and time, CIMP General Meeting 2006
    Paleozoic palynology in space and time,CIMP General Meeting 2006
    Underground space the 4th Dimension of Metropolises. Proceedings of the 33rd ITA-AITES World Tunnel congress
     Shock history analysis of the space material based on the coercivity distribution of the remanent magnetization
    Angular velocity of tectonic plates determined by non-rigorous combination of space geodetic techniques
    Automated monitoring and forecasting of rock fall danger in space and time: practical field experience
    Basic features of waste Material Storage in underground space in view of geomechanics. (Theoretical Study)
    Combination of different space geodesy techniques for EOP and terrestrial reference frame determination
    Contribution of the geophysical and space imagery data to surveying of crust's type and its dynamic in the east slovakian part of flysh zone
    Does rural space benefit from location of anaerobic digestion plants? Perspective of communal administration
    Earth orientation parameters and station coordinates from space geodasy techniques
    Elastic anisotropy and pore space geometry of schlieren granite: direct 3-D measurements at high confining pressure combined with microfabric analysis
    Evolution of the space weathering - laboratory simulations
    Gaps of wind turbines perception in central European space
    Glass melting phenomena, their ordering and melting space utilisation
    Goldberg-like Decompositions and Voxel Representation of 3D Space
    Graptolite assemblages in the boundary interval of the Klabava and Šárka formations and their space distribution (Ordovician, Prague Basin)
    The hypothesis on the Earth´s expansion in the light of space geodesy results
    Implementation of the Vondrak's smoothing in the combination of results of different space geodesy techniques
    Influence of ultrasonic events space clustering on autocorrelation parameters of their time series
    The latest Ordovician Hirnantia Fauna (Brachiopoda) in time and space
    Linear system solvers based on space decompositions and parallel computations
    Lower crustal channel flow in hot orogens in space and time exemplified by the Variscan eastern margin
    Maturation of loess treated with variable lime admixture: Pore space textural evolution and related phase changes
    The Moravian Karst in time and space - 2) Cenozoic history
    Moravian Middle and Late Devonian Buildups: evolution in time and space with respect to Laurussian shelf
    Moravian Middle and Late Devonian buildups: evolution in time and space with respect to Laurussian shelf
    Moravian Middle und Upper Devonian buildups: time and space evolution in respect of Laurussian shelf
    Numerical study of glass fining in a pot melting space with different melt-flow patterns
    The Oligocene of Central Europe and the development of forest vegetation in space and time based on megafossils
    Physical properties of meteorites - Applications in space missions to asteroids
    Physical properties of meteorites ? applications in space missions to asteroids
    Pore space geometry of the rock under investigation by ultrasonic pulse transmission
    Slightly generalized regular space decompositions
    Space and time development of the focal zone in the neighbourhood of underground workings
    Space and time patterns of induced seismicity
    Space and Time Variations of the Frequency-Energy Relation for Mining Induced Seismicity
    Space decomposition Methods: Displacement decomposition, composite Grid Finite elements and overlapping domain decomposition
    Space Decomposition Preconditioners and Parallel Solvers
    Space decomposition preconditioners and their application in geomechanics
    Space Decomposition Solvers and Their Performance in PC-Based Parallel Computing Environments
    Space Weathering Evolution on Airless Bodies - Laboratory Simulations with Olivine
    Space weathering simulations through controlled growth of iron nanoparticles on olivine
    Space weathering simulations through controlled growth of iron nanoparticles on olivine
    Space weathering simulations through laboratory production of iron nanoparticles on mineral grains
    Study of atmospheric and oceanic excitations in the motion of Earth's spin axis in space
    Temporal chemical instability and space variability of groundwater in granite
    Time and space parameters of magmatic intrusions cooling
    Time and space variability of the occult precipitation in the selected mountainous and urban areas of the Czech Republic
    Unseen space weather also relates to cardiac events
    Upscaling small basin study results in time and space using non-linear statistics
    Variscan basement in Europe - travelling through time and space
    Adv. Space Res.
    Advances in Space Research
    Earth Planets and Space
    Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate
    Planetary and Space Science
    Space Weather
    Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology