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    Carbonate concretions in Permian variegated sandy shales from the Rudňany region (Spišsko-gemerské Rudoghorie Mts., western Carpathians)
    Coexisting biotites and garnets of paragneisses from the Rudňany area (the Paleozoic, the Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts., west Carpathians)
    Contact metamorphism of granitoid rocks from the region Hnilec, Spišsko-Gemerské rudohorie Mts.
    Distribúcia selénu na hydrotermálnych žilách v Novoveskej Hute (Spišsko-Gemerské Rudohorie)
    Garnets from granitoids of the Spišsko-gemerské rudohoria Mts.
    Gelnica Group - Lower unit of Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts. (West Carpathians) Early Palaeozoic
    The geochemistry and mineralogy of an epidoteglaukophanite from Hačava, Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts., west Carpathians, Czechoslovakia
    Grafit z hydrotermálne mineralizovanej brekcie v Novoveskej Hute (Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie)
    Mobilization of Metals from the Lower Palaeozoic Black Metapelites during Metamorphic Events (Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts., West Carpathians)
    Rb-Sr-isotopic ages of granitoide rocks from the Spišsko-Gemerské Rudohorie Mts., western Carpathians, eastern Slovakia
    Some mineralization types bound to Lower Paleozoic black shales and lydites of the Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts.
    Uranium mineralization on hydrothermal veins in Novoveská Huta (Spišsko-Gemerské Rudohorie Mts.)