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    CO2 storage potential of sedimentary basins of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Baltic States
    Inorganic and organic sulfur profiles in nine Sphagnum peat bogs in the United States and Czechoslovakia
    Microclimate of a peat bog and of the forest in different states of damage in the Ĺ umava National Park
    Nanometer-scale measurements of iron oxidation states of cronstedtite from primitive meteorites
    Rates of peat accumulation over the past 200 years in five Sphagnum-dominated peatlands in the United States
    The role of transregional mantle-rooted structural discontinuites in the concentration of metals, with examples from the United States, China, Uzbekistan, Burma and other countires
    Steady states establishment during pyrite oxidation
    Stress and dedformation [i.e. deformation] states in structures and structural elements using coupled modelling
    Stress and deformation states in underground structures using coupled modelling
    Stress deformation states in underground structures using coupled modelling
    Structural continuity and multiple alternative stable states in Middle Pleistocene European mammalian communities
    Sulphur depth profiles and stable sulphur isotope ratios in cores from nine Sphagnum-derived peat deposits in the United States and the Czech Republic
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America