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    Groundwater protection strategy and policy
    Innovations in gastropod ontogeny and larval strategy during the Ordovician radiation
    Mineral and Thermal Water Purification in Czechoslovakia: Strategy and Management. Abstracts. (2 sv.)
    The rehabilitation strategy of karst environment around bauxite deposits of the Kruja zone (Albania)
    The rehabilitation strategy of the environment around bauxite deposits in Kruja Zone (Albania)
    The role of groundwater quality monitoring in the strategy of groundwater protection
    Strategy of epoch GPS measurements for recent geodynamic motions studies
    Topsoil magnetic susceptibility mapping: data reproducibility and compatibility, measurement strategy
    Using of "semi-fossil" sources of energy: a successful strategy in crises of biota?
    Using of the "semi-fossil" sources of energy: a successfull strategy in crises of biota?