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    Protected area system development in Ukraine and formation of the Pan-European ecological network. Proceedings of the International Conference
    Acidification of primeval forests in the Ukraine Carpathians: Vegetation and soil changes over six decades
    Anthropogenic acidification effects in primeval forests in the Transcarpathian Mts., western Ukraine
    Basin-wide isochronic correlation of the Badenian shallow-water gypsum strata in Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic
    The brachiopod succession through the Silurian-Devonian boundary beds at Dnistrove, Podolia, Ukraine
    Correlation and sedimentary history of the Badenian gypsum in the Carpathian Foredeep (Ukraine, Poland, and Czech Republic)
    Early Pliocene ochotonids (Mammalia, Lagomorpha) from Southern Ukraine
    Early Pliocene ochotonids (Mammalia, Lagomorpha) from Southern Ukraine
    Faunal dynamics across the Silurian-Devonian positive isotope excursions (d13C, d18O) in Podolia, Ukraine: Comparative analysis of the Ireviken and Klonk events
    First colour-patterned strophomenide brachiopod from the earliest Devonian of Podolia, Ukraine
    Geomorphic evolution and present-day geomorphic processes of the southern part of the Crimean peninsula (Ukraine)
    Lochkovian conodonts from Podolia, Ukraine, and their stratigraphic significance
    Tertiary Avian Localities of Ukraine
    Time constraints for neotectonics and evolution of giant rock slope failures in the main mountain ridge of the Crimean Mountains (Ukraine)
    Vertebrates from the Middle Pleistocene locality Lysa Gora 1 in Ukraine