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    Experimentat Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
    Unsaturated Soils
    Unsaturated Soils: Advances in Geo-Engineering
    A hypoplastic model for mechanical response of unsaturated soils
    Mobilization of aluminum by the acid percolates within unsaturated zone of sandstones
    Modelling of the collapsible behaviour of unsaturated soils in hypoplasticity
    Nitrate transport in the unsaturated zone: a case study of the riverbank filtration system Karany, Czech Republic
    Parameter estimation of soil hydraulic and thermal property functions for unsaturated porous media using the HYDRUS-2D code
    Predicting the dependency of a degree of saturation on void ratio and suction using effective stress principle for unsaturated soils
    The role of the unsaturated zone in conflicts between the drainage of agricultural soils and concern of groudwater resources
    Transit time in karst conduits, saturated and unsaturated zone: tracer tests and isotopic methods
    Unsaturated Volcanic Tephra and Its Effect for Soil Movement in El Salvador