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    8th Highway and Urban Enironment Symposium. Book of Abstracts
    First international conference on soils of urban, industrial, traffic and mining areas. Proceedings, Vol. 1. The unknown urban soil, detection, resources and faces
    Geography and Urban Environment
    Highway and Urban Environment: Proceedings of the 8th Highway and Urban Environment Symposium
    Mapping the Chemical Environment of Urban Areas
    Urban changes in different scales: systems and structures
    138 Years Of Urban Development in Central Europe - A Long-Term Comparison Of Large City Regions In Austria And The Czech Republic
    Analysis of vertical movements detected by radar interferometry in urban areas
    Commuting for Retail Shopping as a Part of the Daily Urban System (Brno, the Czech Republic)
    Destiny of Urban Brownfields: Spatial Patterns and Perceived Consequences of Post-Socialistic Deindustrialization
    Distribution of heavy metals under conditions of an urban small stream
    Distribution of platinum group elements in urban soils, comparison of historically different large cities Prague and Ostrava, Czech Republic
    Geography and Urban Environment
    Growth and Decline in Czech and Austrian City Regions - Divergence and Convergence in more than a Century of Urban Development
    Heat- and cold-stress effects on cardiovascular mortality and morbidity among urban and rural populations in the Czech Republic
    Measurements and seismic effects of vibrations caused by urban tunneling
    Mineralogical, chemical and toxicological characterization of the urban air particles
    Perception of Urban Renewal: Reflexions and Coherences of Socio-Spatial Patterns (Brno, Czech Republic)
    The role of clay minerals in weathering process of building stones (agressive atmosphere of modern urban agglomerations)
    Salzburg Congress of Urban Planning and Development
    SO4'' an indicator of the impact of acid rain in the urban environment
    Some applications of GIS ARC/INFO in the evaluation of urban radon risk
    The temporal and spatial distribution of rainfall intensity in urban watersheds
    Time and space variability of the occult precipitation in the selected mountainous and urban areas of the Czech Republic
    Toxicologically important trace elements and organic compounds investigated in size-fractionated urban particulate matter collected near the Prague highway
    Urban and Rural Geography in Paris
    The Urban Development in the Selected Czech and Austrian City Regions
    Urban Environment in European Big Cities