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    Acta Musei Turnoviensis - VENTS
    Mineralogia, Special Papers: Fourth VENTS Field Workshop, Abstract volume and field trip guide
    Third VENTS Field workshop, May, 15th to 18th, 2008- Abstract volume and Field guide on the late paleozoic magmatic evolution of Saxony
    Third VENTS Field workshop, May, 15th to 18th, 2008, Abstract volume and Field guide on the Late Paleozoic magmatic evolution of Saxony
    VENTS 2007
    VENTS 2007 Turnov - Sedmihorky: Abstracts and excursion guide
    VENTS 2007 Turnov-Sedmihorky: Abstracts and excursion guide
    Wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen - Third VENTS Field workshop. Abstract volume and field guide
    Konference VENTS 2007 v Turnově - Sedmihorky
    VENTS 2007 meeting in Turnov - Sedmihorky, 15 th - 19 June 2007. Excursion Guide - volcanic activity in the Karkonozse-Piedmont Basin
    VENTS 2007, meeting in Turnov-Sedmihorky, 15th-19th June 2007 : excursion guide - volcanic activity in the Karkonosze Piedmont Basin
    VENTS 2007, setkání v Turnově-Sedmihorkách, 15.-19. červan June 2007 [sic, 15.-19. červen 2007] : exkurzní průvodce - vulkanická aktivita v Podkrkonošské pánvi
    VENTS 2007 Turnov-Sedmihorky - a few words of introduction
    VENTS 2007 Turnov-Sedmihorky - pár slov na úvod
    Volcanic systems within the Central European Permocarboniferous intermontane basins and their basement - Lusatia - Silesia - Bohemia (VENTS)