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    Automated preprocessing of digital seismograms - principles and software. Version 2.2
    Final Version of the GSHAP Map for the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
    First version of geodynamic, palinspastic maps series of the west Carpathian Neogene on scale 1 : 1 000 000
    Format-independent object-oriented seismic data server - PREPROC version 3
    New version of radon index maps 1 : 50 000 of the Czech Republic
    Package ANRAY, version 4.01
    Package ANRAY, version 4.10
    Seisbase - principles of a program and database for routine analysis of data from local seismic networks, version 4.7
    Seismic zoning map of Czechoslovakia : version 1987
    Stress and failure of inclined boreholes SFIB version 2.0. 62. 62