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    Analysis of the diagenesis development of the sedimentary basin through total porosity of sediments on basis of well-logging data
    Contribution of Geophysical Well-Logging Techniques to Evaluation of Fractured Rocks
    Cyclic structure and facial changes of sediments of the Mšeno basin according to geophysical well-logging
    Evaluation of well-logging data obtained in boreholes in the deposit of hydrocarbons in the Varadero Cardenas, Cuba
    Interpretation of the formation pressure from well-logging data
    A new way of well-logging classification of sandy rocks
    Relationship between petrography and well-logging parameters in the borehole R-150, Rejvíz, Hrubý Jeseník Mts. (the Bohemian Massif, Central Europe)
    Thermal waters of the Usti nad Labem area: optimalization of their use on the basis of new hydrogeological and well-logging data, Czech Republic
    Well-Logging in Regional Hydrogeology (Example: the Police Basin)
    Well-logging in regional hydrogeology: the police Cretaceous basin