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    Early Miocene
    Comptonia naumannii (Myricaceae) from the early Miocene of Weichang, China, and the palaeobiogeographical implication of the genus
    Early Miocene amphibians and squamates from the Mokrá-quarry site (Czech Republic)
    Early Miocene Amphibians (Caudata, Salientia) from the Mokrá-Western Quarry (Czech Republic) with comments on the evolution of Early Miocene amphibian assemblages in Central Europe
    Early Miocene conifer macrofossils from the Most Basin (Czech Republic)
    Early Miocene freshwater and swamp ecosystems of the Most Basin (north Bohemia) with particular reference to the Bílina Mine section
    The Early Miocene micromammalian assemblage from Mokrá - 1/2001 Turtle Joint site (Moravia, Czech Republic) - preliminary results.
    First record of fossil angiosperm wood (Ulmoxylon, Ulmaceae) from the famous locality of Bílina (Czech Republic, Early Miocene)
    Pedběžné výsledky výzkumu neogenních obratlovců z lokality Mokrá-lom
    Plant-arthropod associations from the Early Miocene of the Most Basin in North Bohemia-Palaeoecological and palaeoclimatological implications
    A review of the early Miocene mastixioid flora of the Kristina Mine at Hrádek nad Nisou
    Twenty-Million-Year-Old Fruits and Seeds of Pistia (Araceae) from Central Europe