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    magnetic anisotropy
    Determination of field-independent and field-dependent components of anisotropy of susceptibility through standard AMS measurement in variable low fields I: Theory
    Magnetic anisotropy indications of deformations associated with diagenesis
    Modelling relationship between bulk susceptibility and AMS in rocks consisting of two magnetic fractions represented by ferromagnetic and paramagnetic minerals - Implications for understanding magnetic fabrics in deformed rocks
    On the effect of lava viscosity on the magnetic fabric intensity in alkaline volcanic rocks
    Theoretical models for the relationship between magnetic anisotropy and strain: effect of triaxial magnetic grains
    The Upper Oligocene-Lower Miocene Krosno lithofacies in the Carpathian Flysch Belt (Czech republic): sedimentology, provenance and magnetic fabrics
    Variations in magnetic anisotropy and opaque mineralogy along a kilometer deep profile within a vertical dyke of the syenogranite porphyry at Cinovec (Czech Republic)