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    Tertiary insects from the Krušné hory piedmont basins and volcanic areas of the České středohoří Mts. (Czech Republic)
    Badenian deformations in Carpathian Foredeep; a case study from NE Moravia
    A critical re-evaluation of monocotyledons as described by Weyland and co-authors from the Rhenish browncoal (Miocene, Germany)
    Diplodus sp. (Sparidae, Perciformes): a new fossil record of an articulated skeleton from Devinská Nová Ves (Upper Badenian, Vienna Basin, Slovakia)
    Discussion of some thermophile palynomorphs from the Miocene sediments in the Carpathian Foredeep (Czech Republic) and Modry Kamen basin (Slovakia)
    Epibionti na ulitě miocenního gastropoda z lokality Buituri (transylvánská pánev, Rumunsko) - případová paleoekologická studie
    Erinaceidae and Talpidae (Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha, Mammalia) from the Lower Miocene of Merkur-Nord (Czech Republic, MN 3).
    Find of flora in Tertiary sediments near Karlštejn
    Foraminiferal species diversity in the Central Paratethys - a reflection of global or local events
    A fossil Vallisneria plant (Hydrocharitaceae) from the Early Miocene freshwater deposits of the Most Basin (North Bohemia)
    Geológia severného svahu šahanskej antiformy
    A Giant early Miocene sunfish from the North Alpine Foreland Basin (Austria) and its implication for molid phylogeny
    Lithofacies analysis of Miocene sediments in the southern part of Carpathian Foredeep, based on the re-interpretation of drill logging data
    The Mammalian asemblage from Vallesian (Miocene) of Eppelsheim, Rheinhessen (Germany).
    Marine and terrestrial bioerosion on Miocene bioclasts coupled with human adaptation (Paleolithic archaeological sites of South Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Miocene evolution of landscape and vegetation in the Central Paratethys.
    The Miocene Flora of Parschlug (Styria, Austria) - Revision and Synthesis
    Miocenní sedimenty od Seloutek na Prostějovsku
    Morphometrical variability of Helicosphaera ampliaperta (calcareous nannoplankton) in the central Paratethys: biostratigraphic and paleogeographic applications
    New and unusual Bryozoa from the Badenian (Middle Miocene) of the Moravian part of the Vienna Basin (Central Paratethys, Czech Republic)
    New record of Early Miocene (MN3a) mammals in the open brown coal pit Merkur,North Bohemia,Czech Republic
    Oligocene?Miocene CO2 fluctuations, climatic and palaeofloristic trends inferred from fossil plant assemblages in central Europe
    Otolithes de poissons du paléocanyon de Saubrigues (Chattien a Langhien), Aquitaine méridionale, France
    Paleogeography of the Central Paratethys during the Karpatian and Badenian
    Paleogeography, paleoecology and eustacy: Miocene 3rd order cycles of relative sea-level changes in the Western Carpathians - North Pannonian basins.
    Palynological studies in the southern part of the Carpathian Foredeep in the Czech Republic
    Palynological studiesin the cave sediments from the Moravian, Javoříčko and Hranice Karsts Czech Republic
    Relicts of Miocene sediments on the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif in the Czech Republic - results of new investigations
    Sedimenty karpatu a spodního badenu na ulici Kopečná v Brně
    Stable isotope study of Miocene fossils from the SW Part of the Carpathian Foredeep and Vienna Basin (Czech and Slovak Republics)
    Stomiiformes (Teleostei, Otolithen) aus dem Miozän der Karpatischen Vortiefe (Westkarpaten, Mähren) und der Zentralen Paratethys insgesamt
    Terciérní mechovky z vrtu VK1 Vranovice
    Terrestrial and Marine Faunas from the Miocene Deposits of the Mokrá Plateau (Drahany Upland, Czech Republic) - Impact on Palaeogeography
    Thecamoebian assemblages from the Turiec and Bánovce basins (Miocene of the Central Paratethys) - relation to recent assemblages
    Use of fluorescent microscopy in the study of redeposited palynomorphs in the cave and marine sediments of moravia (Czech Republic)