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    Alkali-silica reaction products: comparison between samples from concrete structures and laboratory test specimens
    Determination of field-independent and field-dependent components of anisotropy of susceptibility through standard AMS measurement in variable low fields II:
    Geological setting, petrology and mineralogy of metabasites in a thermal aureole of Tanvald granite (northern Bohemia) used for the
    Plane-confined magnetic lineations in mingled mafic and felsic magmas, the Sazava pluton, Bohemian Massif
    Proudění podzemní vody ve východní a severovýchodní části české křídové pánve (3H, 14C, SF6 stopovače, obsahy dusičnanů) : doba zdržení a otázky efektivního monitoringu kontaminace
    Trilobite and xiphosuran affinities for putative aglaspidid arthropods Caryon and Drabovaspis, Upper Ordovician, Czech Republic.