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    Approximation of P-wave velocity anisotropy by three-axis ellipsoid
    Anizotropie tuhosti jílů v oboru velmi malých přetvoření
    Comparison of field and laboratory seismic velocity anisotropy measurement (scaling factor)
    Determination of field-independent and field-dependent components of anisotropy of susceptibility through standard AMS measurement in variable low fields II:
    Fabric symmetry of low anisotropic rocks inferred from ultrasonic sounding: Implications for the geomechanical models
    Influence of crack distribution of rocks on P-wave velocity anisotropy - a laboratory and field scale study
    Magnetomineralogy of the cordierite gneiss from the magnetic anomaly at Humpolec, Bohemian Moldanubicum (Czech Republic)
    Multiple magmatic fabrics in plutons: an overlooked tool for exploring interactions between magmatic processes and regional deformation?
    A program for magnetic susceptibility-equivalent pore conversion
    The use of the anisotropy of magnetic remanence in the resolution of the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility into its ferromagnetic and paramagnetic components