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    in situ spores
    The first compression fossils of Spencerites (Scott) emend., and its isospores, from the Bolsovian (Pennsylvanian) of the Kladno-Rakovník and Radnice basins, Czech Republic
    The first compression Pteroretis-producing sphenophyllalean cones, Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic
    A new bisporangiate lycopsid cone genus Thomasostrobus gen. nov from the Late Pennsylvanian of the Intra-Sudetic Basin (Czech Republic)
    A new species of Lepidostrobus from the Early Westphalian of South Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada
    A re-examination of Cenozoic Polypodium in North America
    Selaginella labutae sp. nov., a new compression herbaceous lycopsid and its spores from the Kladno-Rakovník Basin, Bolsovian of the Czech Republic
    Some Pennsylvanian arborescent lycopsid cones and their microspores from the British coalfields
    Spencerites leismanii sp. nov., a new sub-arborescent compression lycopsid and its spores from the Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic
    Two species of Selaginella cones and their spores from the Bohemian Carboniferous continental basins of the Czech Republic