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    Magmatic and metamorphic evolution of Central European Variscides
    Barium-rich micas and manganoan sphalerite in sulphide-bearing dolomite marble from Rožná uranium deposit, Czech Republic: An example of Ba and Mn partitioning during regional metamorphism
    Incipient eclogite facies metamorphism in the Moldanubian granulites revealed by mineral inclusions in garnet
    Mechanism of formation of atoll garnet during high-pressure metamorphism
    Primary magnetic fabric in an ultramafic body (Moldanubian Zone, European Variscides) survives exhumation-related granulite-amphibolite facies metamorphism
    Raman spectra of reduced carbonaceous matter as a tool for determining the provenance of marbles: examples of "graphitic" marbles from Czech quarries
    Tourmalinites in the metamorphic complex of the Svratka Unit (Bohemian Massif): a study of compositional growth of tourmaline and genetic relations
    Turmalinity jižní části svratekého krystalinika
    Turmalíny ze svorů svrateckého krystalinika
    Zirkonolit v mramoru u Krahulova a stáří HT/LP metamorfózy moldanubika v kontaktní aureole třebíčského plutonu