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    trace elements
    Evidence for high-pressure melting producing leucogranulites of the Bohemian Massif
    Tercierní pánve a ložiska hnědého uhlí České republiky
    Association of trace elements with colloidal fractions in leachates from closed and active municipal solid waste landfills
    Atmospheric deposition of beryllium in Central Europe: Comparison of soluble and insoluble fractions in rime and snow across a pollution gradient
    Comparison of chemistry of the Třebíč durbachite and other durbachites
    Databáze výsledků chemicko-technologických analýz, stanovení síry a stopových prvků ve svrchnopaleozoických kontinentálních pánvích České republiky
    Determination of trace elements in calcite using solution and laser ablation ICP-MS: calibration to NIST SRM glass and USGS MACS carbonate, and application to real landfill calcite.
    Differentiation of Czech wines using multielemental composition - A comparison with vineyard soil
    Distribution of iron, cobalt, zinc and selenium in macrofungi
    Major and minor elements in the hard coal from the Czech upper Paleozoic basins.
    Major and trace elements in pyropealmandine garnets as sediment provenance indicators of the Lower Carboniferous Culm sediments, Drahany Uplands, Bohemian Massif
    Some trace elements in coal of the Czech Republic, environment and health protection implications.
    Stopové prvky v uhlí české části hornoslezské pánve ? porovnání výsledků nových a dřívějších analýz.
    Temporal variation of trace elements in waters polluted by municipal solid waste landfill leachate
    Trace elements in garnets of felsic granulites as sediment provenance indicators
    Trace Elements in Human Skeletal Material from the Great Moravian Burial Site at Mikulčice-Kostelisko.
    Trace elements in landfill calcite: a comparision of solution and laser ablation ICP-MS and calibration to different standard material (SRM NIST glass and USGS MACS carbonate)