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    Übersicht über die fossilen marinen Schildkrötenfamilien Zentraleuropas (Reptilia, Testudines)
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    Hans-Volker Karl
    Karl, Hans-Volker
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    Jg. 18, Nr. 2
    4 obr., 4 pl., 6 map
    Bibliografie na s. 196-202
    Zkr. název ser.: Mauritiana
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    česká křídová pánev
    popis taxonů
    prostředí marinní
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    Měcholupy (Louny, Žatec)
    Milovice (Nymburk, Lysá nad Labem)
    Moravská Nová Ves (Břeclav, Břeclav)
    Pátek (Louny, Louny)
Abstract (in english)
   This work is meant to be survey about the hitherto described Central European marine turtles of the Upper Cretazeous and Tertiary age with comments to their systematic position and hitherto known paleogeographic distribution. The main features of sea turtle's evolution are the forming of a secondary palate plate, strong reductions in shell and extremely transforming extremities. Those are have been provable in all separate groups adapted to the marine life over the geological time. The following fossil taxa may be regard from Central European dates: 1. Ctenochelys procax (HAY 1908) [syn. Toxochelys gigantea OERTEL 1914], 2. Dollochelys casieri ZANGERL 1971, 3. Dollochelys atlantica (ZANGERL 1953) [syn. Chelone Carusiana GEINITZ 1875 in part], 4. Osteopygis salisburgensis KARL 1996, 5. Rupelchelys breitkreutzi KARL and TICHY 1999, 6. Puppigerus camperi GRAY 1868, 7. Glarichelys knorri (GRAY 1831) [syn. Chelone Gwinneri WEGNER 1918], 8. Rhinochelys cantabrigiensis LYDEKKER 1889 [syn.
   Chelone Carusiana GEINITZ 1875 in part], 9. lArchelon cf. copei (WIELAND 1909) [syn. Iserosaurus litoralis FRITSCH 1910, Chelone (?) regularis FRITSCH 1905 a, nomen vanum], 10. Psephophorus polygonus H. v. MEYER 1847 [syn. Chelone ingens KOENEN 1891, Pseudosphargis DAMES 1894]
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    14. 10. 2009
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    8. 8. 2012