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    9. Czechoslovak Spectroscopic Conference with International Participation. (19920622, CSK : České Budějovice) (Variant.)
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    Desorption of zinc from soils by selected organic compounds
    Determination of inorganic pollutants in drainage areas of the Bělá and Semíč streams
    Determination of Ta and Nb at low levels in geological materials by OES ICP
    Diffuse reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy in the analysis of coal oxidation
    The dithizone-polyuretane foam system as a preconcentration step for the determination of Pb by FAAS in soils and surface water
    Do we have Mars sample analogues on the Earth?
    EDX analysis of oriented magnetite and superconductive particles in polymer
    FTIR analysis of uranyl minerals
    Geochemistry of North Bohemian sulfurous coal vertical profil
    Heavy metals in peats
    Heavy metals stratigraphy in vertical profile of fishpond Vajgar sediment
    Inspection of the 400-700 cm1 region in the FTIR spectra of Coal Tars
    Methods for determination of MnO2 and MnO in manganese ores and FeO in iron ores and sinters using X-ray fluorescence analysis
    Problems of the soil extraction
    Some specific problems in environmental analysis
    Structural and luminescence properties of Zns prepared by SHS
    Urinary calculi analysis by means of infrared spectrometry and FTIR spectrometry
    Use of microwave radiation for surface waters analysis