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    A Model for the Identification of Areas Favourable for the Development of Tourism: A Case Study of the Šumava Mts. and South Bohemia Tourist Regions (Czech Republic)
    Balounová, Z.
    Knotek, J.
    Kučera, T.
    Martinát, Stanislav
    Navrátil, J.
    Pícha, K.
    Rajchard, J.
    Švec, R.
    White Baravalle Gilliam, V. L.
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    článek v odborném periodiku
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    Moravian Geographical Reports
    Roč. 21, č. 1
    s. 25-40
    Autoři celkem: 9
    Rozsah: 16 s. : E
Subject category
    Czech Republic
    Šumava Mts. and South Bohemia tourist regions
Abstract (in english)
   A basis for the identification of potential tourist development areas was defined as a combined use of the model of area load by visitors, the territorially-located database of tourist attractions, and the perception of their attractiveness by visitors. A distinctive inequality was identified in the area load and the distribution of tourist attractions. The areas of development were determined on the basis of a difference between the relative attendance and the relative attractiveness of the partial territorial units of a regular hexagonal network, sized approximately 3 km2, with a concurrent requirement of above-average total attractiveness.
    AV ČR Brno, Ústav geoniky
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    AV ČR, ÚG
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    24. 10. 2014