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    The Hauterivian Stage
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    Gérard Autran, Jevgenij J. Baraboškin, Fabrizio Cecca, Elisabetta Erba, Silvia Gardin, Waldemar Herngreen, Philip J. Hoedemaeker, Michail Kakabadze, Jaap Klein, Han Leereveld, Peter F. Rawson, Pierre Ropolo, Katharina Salis, Zdeněk Vašíček
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    Proceedings "Second International Symposium on Cretaceous Stage Boundaries", Brussels, 8-16 September, 1995 (Variant.)
    Autran, Gérard
    Baraboškin, Jevgenij J.
    Cecca, Fabrizio
    Erba, Elisabetta
    Gardin, Silvia
    Herngreen, Waldemar
    Hoedemaeker, Philip J.
    Kakabadze, Michail
    Klein, Jaap
    Leereveld, Han
    Mutterlose, Jörg
    Rawson, Peter F.
    Ropolo, Pierre
    Salis, Katharina
    Vašíček, Zdeněk
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    Bulletin de l´Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique. Sciences de la Terre
    Vol. 66
    p. 19-24
    1 obr., 2 s.bibl.
    15 autorů
    Francouzské, ruské resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Bull. Inst. roy. Sci. natur. Belg., Sci. Terre.
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    stratigrafická hranice
    zóny biostratigrafické
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   The base of the Hauterivian is recommended to be drawn at the first appearance of the ammonite genus Acanthodiscus. This is known from shallow-water facies in both Tethyan and Boreal areas of Europe. The section at La Charce, Drome, SE France, is recommended as the boundary stratotype. The same section is also appropriate as boundary stratotype for the base of the Upper Hauterivian, which is here defined by the last occurrence of the nannofossil Cruciellipsis cuvillieri
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    25. 6. 2008
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