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    The Tepla/Saxothuringian suture in the Karkonosze-Izera massif, western Sudetes, central European Variscides
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    Stanislaw Mazur, Paweł Aleksandrowski
    Aleksandrowski, Paweł
    Mazur, Stanisław
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    International journal of Earth sciences (Geologische Rundschau)
    Vol. 90, no. 2
    p. 341-360
    7 obr., 3 fot., 3 s.bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Int. J. Earth Sci. (Geol. Rdsch.)
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    geologie strukturní
    krkonošsko-jizerské krystalinikum
    vrásnění variské
    zóna suturová
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    Polsko - jihozápad
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   The southern and eastern Karkonosze-Izera massif (northern Bohemian Massif) exposes blueschist facies rocks and MORB-type magmatic complexes. During Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous times, these were overthrust within a nappe pile toward the NW onto the pre-Variscan Saxothuringian basement composed of the Izera-Kowary metagranitoids and their envelope. The lowermost nappe (or parautochthonous?) unit of the pile is the low-grade metamorphosed Ještěd complex, comprising a Devonian to Early Carboniferous sedimentary succession of the Saxothuringian passive margin. This is tectonically overlain by the South Karkonosze complex, which represents Ordovician-Silurian volcano-sedimentary infill of the Saxothuringian basin, affected by late Devonian HP metamorphism. The uppermost nappe is the Early Palaeozoic epidote-amphibolite grade Leszczyniec MORB-like complex, cropping out on the eastern margin of the Karkonosze-Izera massif.
   It probably represents a fragment of obducted Saxothuringian basin floor. The nappe pile was stacked beneath the overriding upper plate margin, now concealed below the Intra-Sudetic basin and hypothesized to represent a fragment of the Tepla-Barrandian terrane. The nappe stacking, triggered by buoyancy-controlled upward extrusion of the subducted continental slab, was the main mechanism for the exhumation of HP rocks. The final stages of the NW-ward nappe stacking were accompanied and followed by SE-directed Early Carboniferous extensional collapse
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    7. 4. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012