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    The biogeochemistry of basic cations in two forest catchments with contrasting lithology in the Czech Republic
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    Pavel Krám, Jakub Hruška, Brian S. Wenner, Charles T. Driscoll, Chris E. Johnson
    Driscoll, Charles T.
    Hruška, Jakub
    Johnson, Chris E.
    Krám, Pavel, 1960-
    Wenner, Brian S.
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    Vol. 37, no. 2
    p. 173-202
    3 obr., 9 tab., 4 s.bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Biogeochemistry
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    kyselý déšť
    malé povodí
    životní prostředí
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    Slavkovský les
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   he biogeochemistry of Ca, Mg, K, and Na were investigate in two forested catchment in the Czech Republic, one underlain by leucogranite, the other by serpentinite. High weathering rates at the serpentinite site at Pluhův Bor resulted in Mg2+ as the dominant cation on the soil exchanges complex and in drainage water. Other basic cations (Ca2+, K+, Na+) showed relatively low concentrations and outflow in streamwater. The catchment exhibited high base saturation in mineral soils (70), and near neutral soil and stream pH, despite elevated inputs of scidic deposition. Slow growth of Norway spruce at Pluhův Bor may be caused by K deficiency, Mg oversupply and/or Ni toxicity. In contrast, the granitic site at Lysina showed low concentrations of basic cations on the soil exchange complex and in streamwater. Soil and drainage water in Lysina were highly impacted by acidic deposition.
   Soil pH was extremely acidic (<4.5) throughout the soil, profile, and the base saturation of the mineral soil was very low (<5). Supplies of basic cations from atmospheric deposition and soil processes were less than inputs of SO42- on an equivalence basis, resulting in low pH and high concentrations of total Al in drainage water. Needle yellowing in Norway spruce was possibly the result of Mg deficiency at Lysina. Because of their extremely different lithologies these catchments serve as valuable end-members of ecosystem sensitivity to elevated elevels of acidic deposition
    Česká geologická služba
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    21. 2. 2008
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