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    The calculation of hydraulic conductivity of sands according to their granularity
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    Karel Jahoda
    Jahoda, Karel
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    Acta montana. Series A, Geodynamics
    No. 11(104)
    p. 89-98
    4 obr., 2 tab., 10 bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Acta montana (Praha), Ser. A.
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    metoda matematická
    vodivost hydraulická
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   The hydraulic conductivity of sands depends aminly on their granulometric composition, which heterogeneity is expressed with the ratio U=d 60/d10, where d60, (d10) is the grain size belonging to 60% (10%) of the undersizes. The representative size of grains is being defined in different ways, often, it is the value d10, sometimes it is dw, which in substance is the size of grains, which hydraulic resistance would be equal to resistance of the equal number of different size grains of given soil. In this study, a proposition is given to describe the granulometrics of sands with the characteristics of Gauss logarithmic - normal distribution LN ( , 2), and so, with the factors , , which would also be the basis for determining of the coefficient of hydraulic conductivity
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    21. 3. 2008
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