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    The crystal chemistry of the zippeite group
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    Peter C. Burns, Kathryn M. Deely, Leslie A. Hayden
    Burns, Peter C.
    Deely, Kathryn M.
    Hayden, Leslie A.
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    Canadian mineralogist
    Vol. 41, no. 3
    p. 687-706
    10 obr., 21 tab., 2 s. bibl.
    Francouzské resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Canad. Mineralogist
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    krystalová struktura
    minerály uranu
    rudy U
    syntéza minerálu
    zpřesňování struktury
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    Jáchymov (Karlovy Vary)
Abstract (in english)
   Single crystals of eight zippeite-group compounds have obtained using mild hydrothermal synthesis techniques. The structure of each has been determined with single-crystal diffraction data collected using MoKalfa X-radiation and an APEX CCD-based detector, and refined on the basis of F2 for all unique data. The structure of zippeite, K3(H2O)3[(UO2)4(SO4)2O3(OH)], is mono-clinic, C2, a 8.7524(4), b 13.9197(7), c 17.6972(8) angstrom, beta 104.178(1)°, V2090.39(17) angstrom3,R1 3.30 procent,Dc 4.794g/cm3. The structure of sodium-zippeite, Na5(H2O)12[(UO2)8(SO4)4O5(OH)3], is monoclinic, P2,/n, a 17.6425(11), b 14.6272(9), c 17.6922(11) angstrom,beta 104.461(1)°, V4421.0(5) angstrom3, R1 6.88 per cent, Dc 4.517 g/cm3. The structure of magnesium-zippeite, Mg(H2O)3.5[(UO2)2(SO4)O2], is monoclinic, C2/m, a 8.6514(4), b 14.1938(7), c 17.7211(9) angstrom, beta 104.131(1)°, V 2110.24(18) angstrom3, R1 2.39 per cent Dc 4.756 g/cm3.
   The structure of zinc-zippeite, Zn(H2O)3.5[(UO2)2(SO4)O2], is monoclinic, C2/m, a 8.6437(10), b 14.1664(17), c 17.701(2) A, p 104.041(3)°, V2102.7(4) A3, ftl 4.57 per cent, Dc 5.032 g/cm3. The structure of cobalt-zippeite, Co(H2O)3.5[(UO2)2(SO4)O2;], is mono-clinic, C2/m, a 8.650(4), b 14.252(9), c 17.742(10) angstrom, p 104.092(19)°, V2122(2) angstrom3, R1 5.55 per cent, Dc 4.948 g/cm3. The structure of (NH4)4(H2O)[(UO2)2(SO4)O2]2 is monoclinic, C2/m, a 8.6987(15), b 14.166(2), c 17.847(3) angstrom, beta 104.117(4)°, V 2132.9(3) angstrom3, R1 4.31 per cent, Dc 4.442 g/cm3. The structure of (NH4)2[(UO2)2(SO4)O2] is orthorhombic, Cmca, a 14.2520(9), b 8.7748(5), c 17.1863( 10) angstrom, V 2149.3(2) angstrom3, R1 5.11 per cent , Dc 4.353 g/cm3. The structure of Mg2(H2O)11[(UO2)2(SO4)O2]2 is monoclinic, P21/c, a 8.6457(4), b 17.2004(8), c 18.4642(9) angstrom, beta 102.119(1)°, V 2684.6(2) angstrom3,R1 4.73 per cent, Dc 3.917 g/cm3.
   Each structure contains the zippeite-type sheet consisting of chains of edge-sharing uranyl pentagonal bipyramids that are cross-linked by vertex sharing with sulfate tetrahedra, although the compositional details of the sheet are varied. The interlayer configurations are diverse, and are related to the bonding requirements of the sheets
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    26. 9. 2007
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