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    The current P-T condition in the Earth's continental crust
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    Miloš Suk
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    Současné teploty a tlaky v kontinentální kůře Země
    Suk, Miloš, 1934-
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    Vol. 27
    p. 67-77
    4 obr., 4 diagr.
    Bibliografie na s. 76-77
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    Zkr. název ser.: Krystalinikum
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    Český masiv
    geologie dynamická
    geologie regionální
    kůra kontinentální
    lidské aktivity
    podmínky P-T
    pohyb horizontální
    pohyb vertikální
    tepelný tok
    Západní Karpaty
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   The measurements in the drill holes are an importants about the distribution of pressures and temperature in the lithosphere. Acquired data aren't in fully agreement ith some common petrological conceptions. The stress and the lithostatic pressure seems to be important factors at the origin of mineral associations by the metamorphism. On the faults a reduction of the pressure (a 'pressure paradox') appears, the stress field is influenced by the local fluid pressures and by the fluid migration. These factors are controlling the mineral composition of the rocks (metamorphic facies). Therefore the concept of mineral facies and theoretical 'facies of depth' especially, seems to be not correct. The temperature field of the Earth's continental crust is irregular and its variability is not connected with the rise of the energy flows from the interior only.
   A connection between the thickness of the crust, and mainly its middle 'granitic' layer is provided, the horizontal thermal flux probably play an important role too. All the metamorphic isogrades in the continental crust are subparalel to the surface in the times of metamorphism. The course of geotherms by measurements in the drill holes is quite different from the theoretical presumptions and common models
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    1. 12. 2006
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