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    13th International Cave Bear Symposium : September 20-24, 2007 : Brno, Czech Republic : proceedings (Variant.)
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    Bone crackers and carcass accumulators in Central Bohemia - Late Pleistocene hyenas and their cave den and prey depot types
    Caves in the southern part of Moravian Carst and Mokrá Cement Plant. Co-operation of Mokrá Cement Plant and scientific institutions
    The contemporary speleological research in Moravian Karst
    The fairy tail about the "cave lions" Panthera leo spelalea (Goldfuss 1810) of Europe - Late Ice Age spotted hyenas and Ice Age steppe lions in conflicts lion killers and scavengers around Prague (Central Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Fossil vertebrates from karstic areas in Moravia with respect to the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic
    How old are cave deposits abundant in Pleistocene fauna preserved in the Bone Passage in the Sloupsko-šošůvská Cave (Moravian Karst)
    Introduction to geology and paleokarst history of the Moravian Karst
    The Moravian Karst - the cradle of karst research in Central Europe : a brief overview and foreword to the next contributions
    The Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area
    Palaeolithic people and Moravian Caves
    Paleoclimate inferred from Ursus spelaeus teeth: the evidence from oxygen isotopes
    Paleopathology on the bear bones (Ursus deningeri)
    Palynological studies in the Cave sediments from the Moravian, Javoříčko and Hranice Karsts - Czech Republic
    Porcupines in the Bohemian Karst - excavation results of the first known Miocene Hystrix (Hystrix) parvae (Kretzoi 1951) cave den in Central Europe
    Remarks on Biharian bears (Ursidae: Ursus) from the territory of Slovakia