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    1st Central European Mineralogical Conference, Extended abstracts, Vyšná Boca, Slovak Republic, 12-14 September 2006 (Variant.)
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    Alteration of allanite -(Ce) in Třebíč pluton, Bohemian Massif
    Application of optical methods for the research of Neolitic ceramics
    The Au-Ag-Sb-Bi-Te mineralization from the deposit Bytíz (mine 19), the Příbram uranium-polymetallic ore district, Czech Republic
    Authigenic REE minerals from greywackes of the Drahany Uplands, Czech Republic and their significance for diagenetic processes
    Carbonatization of agate nodules from Permian andesites, Krkonoše Piedmont Basin
    Chemical composition of Ag-Sb mineral phases from the Příbram uranium ore district, Czech Republic
    Fluorine-rich clintonite in chondrodite marbles from the Moldanubian Zone, Czech Republic
    Galena and Ag-minerals from Rožná uranium deposit
    Hematite, hexahydrite and picromerite group from the mine waste of the coal mine Kukla in Oslavany
    Hydration products of GGBS in Portland cement concrete
    Late alpine silicification and associated mineralizations in the vicinity of Teplice, northwestern Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Mafic microgranular enclaves from granitoids of the Brno Massif exposed in the vicinity of Blansko
    Mineralogy of metamanganolites in BIF of the Desná Group
    The minerals causing degradation of concrete and their formation processes
    Minerals from the exocontact of a pegmatite and serpentinites in Heřmanov, Czech Republic
    Monazite hydrothermal alteration during high-temperature diagenesis of the greywackes from the Drahany Uplands (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    Paleofluids in hydrothermal veins in granites of the Bedřichov water tunnel (Jizerské hory Mts., Czech Republic) - preliminary stable isotope and fluid inclusion study
    Polytypism in cronstedtite
    Rutile-titanite mineralization from Głuchołazy (Eastern Sudetes, Poland)
    Selenium mineralization of the uranium deposit Zálesí, the Rychlebské hory Mts., Czech Republic
    Subsolidus evolution of Jihlava ultrapotassic pluton, evidence from the study of secondary minerals
    Supergene Y, REE minerals from the Medvědín deposit, the Krkonoše (Giant) Mts., Czech Republic
    Trace element chemistry and textures of low-temperature pyrites associated with shallow fossil subsurface geothermal discharge in the Eger Graben, northwestern Bohemia
    Two remarkable Czech minerals from the collections of Natural Science Museum of the Ilmen State Reserve (South Ural, Russia)
    Uranium mineralization at the deposit Zálesí near Javorník, Silesia, Czech Republic
    Vanadium-rich tourmaline from graphitic rocks at Bítovánky, Czech Republic; compositional variation, crystal structure
    Vavřínite, Ni2SbTe2, a new mineral species from Kunratice near Šluknov Cu-Ni-sulfide deposit, Czech Republic
    X-ray nanotomography in fluid inclusions study