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    4th Meeting of the Czech Tectonic Studies Group - Abstracts (Variant.)
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    39Ar/40Ar single- und multi-grain ages of detrial white mica from the Silesian Culm basin (Czech Republic)
    Balanced Crustal Density Model along Geotraverse 9HR in Western Bohemia
    A Contrast between Metamorphic and Structural Evolution of the Vír Granulite and Surrounding Rocks of the Polička Crystalline Unit
    Contrasting Styles of Magmatic Zoning in the Central Moldanubian Pluton
    Contribution to Variscan Paleoposition and Rotation of the Moravosilesian Zone
    Correlation of Lithological Markers within the Moravian-Silesian Culm
    Diagenetic Fluid Circulation through Fractures : A Case Study from the Barrandian Basin (Lower Paleozoic)
    Durbachite from Luleč Conglomerates - their Possible Source
    Earthquake Swarms in the Western Part of the Bohemian Massif
    Emplacement of the Altenberg Granite Porphyry : AMS Data Constraints
    Evidence of Variscan Accretionary Wedge in the Eastern Part of Upper Silesian Basin in OKR
    Fission-track Analysis (FTA) as a Tool to reveal Thermal Evolution of Rocks : First Application in the Czech Republic
    Formation Conditions of Syntectonic Veins in Lower Palaeozoic Limestones above Crystalline Basement
    Genetic Conditions of the Hydrothermal Mineralization from the Surroundings of Tišnov
    Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Granulites in the Lišov Granulite Massif, Moldanubian Zone in Southern Bohemia
    Geochemistry and Significance of Dyke Swarms in the Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex
    Geochemistry of the Devonian Basic Volcanites near Stínava (Drahany Upland, Czech Republic)
    Geophysical and Geological Model of the Contact Area of the Bohemian Massif and Carpathian Flysh Belt
    Geophysical Manifestation of the Metabazite Zone of the Brno Massif
    Granodiorite Porphyries of the Moldanubian Zone - Evidence for the Beginning of post-Variscan Extension
    Granulite Microfabrics and Deformation Mechanism in Southern Madagascar
    Granulite Xenoliths from the Doupov Volcanic Complex Area - Petrology and Geochemistry
    Gravimetric Investigation of Volcanic Structures
    The History of the Brunovistulicum : Total-Pb Monazite ages from the Metamorphic Complex
    Interplay between Assimilation, Fractional Crystallization and Magma Mixing - the Story of the high-K calc-alkaline Kozárovice Intrusion, Central Bohemian Pluton
    Interplay between Detailed P/T Estimates and Natural Deformation Mirostructures as a Base for the Thermal and Rheological Modelling
    Interplay of Strike-Slip Tectonics and Eustasy in Coarse-grained Delta Systems, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Kyanite Pseudomorphs after Andalusite from the Teplá Crystalline Complex - Evidence for Pre-Variscan Low-Pressure Metamorphism
    Magma flow and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility in aplite dykes in the Nasavrky Plutonic Complex (Bohemian Massif)
    Magnetic Anisotropy of the Šumperk Granodiorite and its Tectonic Implications
    Magnetic Fabric in Granitic Rocks: its Intrusive Origin and post-Intrusive Tectonic Modifications
    Melting Relations of Natural Eclogite at High Pressures : Contrasting Trends of Eclogite Fractionation
    Metamorphic Evolution of Carbonate-Bearing Eclogites from the Saxothuringian Zone (Czech Republic)
    On the Applicability of Theoretical Models of the Motion of Crystals in Viscous Magma
    Paleozoic Polyphase Tectonothermal record in the Krkonoše-Jizera Crystalline Unit (West Sudetes, Czech Republic)
    Petrology and Tectonic Significance of Spinel Metaperidotites at an Interplate Thrust Boundary (Staré Město Belt)
    Petrology, Geochemistry and Paleotectonic Setting of Metavolcanic Rocks at the Teplá-Barrandian - Moldanubian Boundary: Evidence from the NE Part of the Islet Zone, Central Bohemian Pluton
    Petrophysical Properties of the Brno Massif and their Tectonic Implications
    Phase Petrological Study of the Bohemicum/Moldanubicum Boundary Zone (an Example from its Westernmost Part at the Czech/Germany State Border)
    Preliminary Data on P-T Conditions of Metamorphism of Metapelites from the Stronie Group (Orlica-Snieznik Dome, Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Preliminary Data on Petrology and Evolution of Northern (Polish) Part of the Žulová Pluton
    Quartzites of Polish Part of the Žulová Pluton Mantle and Vysoká Hole Nappe (Fore-Sudetic Block)
    Results of the Simple Stress Analyses of Micro-earthquake Focal Mechanisms in the Area of Western Bohemia
    Resurrection of the Barrandian Nappe Structures (Central Bohemia)
    The Saxothuringian/Moravosilesian Boundary Duplex Structure in the Fore-Sudetic Block
    Shallow Reflection Seismic Prospecting of the Kurovice Klippe (Magura Flysch) and its Structural Interpretation
    Structural Investigation of the Paleozoic of the Drahany Upland, Moravia
    Structures due to Synsedimentary Deformation in Sediments of the Bílina delta (Miocene, Most Basin, Czech Republic)
    Tectonic and Stratigraphic Study of Limestones at the Western Border of the Brno Massif
    Tectonic events of the Neoalpine orogeny in the Carpathian Flysch Belt (South Moravia)
    Teleseismic studies of the lithosphere beneath the Bohemian Massif
    Textural Evolution in the Transition from Subsolidus Annealing to Melting Process, Example of the Velay Dome, French Massif Central
    Use of the laser Ablation ICP-MS Technique for U-Pb Zircon Dating
    Variscan Tectonic Evolution of the Sudetes