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    A-Stanovení limitů ekologické únosnosti vlivů těžby nerostných surovin v CHKO Český kras
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    Petr Budil
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    Impacts of mineral exploitation in nature protected area (CHKO) Český kras and definition of the limits of ecological sustainability
    Budil, Petr, 1969-
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    Přehled výsledků geologických prací na ochranu horninového prostředí v roce 1996
    s. 28-29
    1 obr.
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    ložisko vápence
    negativní vlivy báňské činnosti
    ochrana přírody
    střety zájmů
    studie environmentálních vlivů
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    Koněprusy (Beroun)
    Suchomasty (Beroun)
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   The principal aim of the project was to evaluate the mineral deposits in CHKO Český kras (Bohemian Karst Nature Protected Area) including the respective specific recommendation for state administrative bodies and nature conservation bodies related to each of the six currently exploited limestone deposits and to some occasionally exploited sand pits. The main factors linked with the negative effects of mineral exploitation on the environment in this area include primarily the direct threat to many localities important for nature conservation, transportation and processing of minerals, possible mining-induced changes in groundwater regime with contamination hazards, dust and noise associated with mining. Irreversible impairment of landscape value and function is also possible in the case of larger pits (Koněprusy, Čeřinka). With respect to the relatively small area of the CHKO Český kras (ca.
   131 km2) and to its exceptionally high scientific value, we must strive for a maximum redustion of negative mining impacts on this protected area, now and in the future. A proposal by the regional division of the Ministry of the Environment for resource cancellation at the Koněprusy-Suchomasty deposit was supported. However, an alternative proposal was submitted, representing a compilation of minimum requirements for nature and landscape protection elaborated by the Administration of the CHKO Český kras, Mgr. Lysenko and Prof. Chlupáč
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    20. 2. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012