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    Acritarcha in Praha 1996. Proceedings of International Meeting and Workshop (Variant.)
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    Affinities of Late Devonian Acritarchs from the Madre de Díos Basin, Northern Bolivia: Evidence for Plate Tectonic Interaction between Eastern Laurentia and Western Gondwana?
    The Ordovician Acritarch Frankea : Some Critical Remarks
    Organic-walled Microfossils Incertae Sedis from the Ordovician of the Argentine Precordillera and Bohemia
    Turnover in the Precambrian and Early Palaeozoic (Mainly Cambrian) Microbiotas : An Example of the Bohemian Massif
    Uppermost Neoproterozoic-Lower Cambrian Acritarch Assemblages from the Volcanosedimentary Series of West Bohemian Neoproterozoic