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    Badania magnetotelluryczne w Polsce - przeszlosc, stan obecny i plany na przyszlosc widziane z perspektywy Przedsiebiorstwa Badan Geofizycznych
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    Andrzej Gajewski
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    Magnetotelluric investigations in Poland; past, present, and future plans of the Geophysical Exploration Company in Warsaw, Poland
    Gajewski, Andrzej
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    Przeglad geologiczny
    Roč. 49, č. 5
    s. 377-382
    3 obr., 20 bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Przegl. geol.
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    geologie hlubinná
    měření gravimetrické
    měření magnetotelurické
    mezinárodní spolupráce
    profil geofyzikální
    Západní Karpaty
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   The history of magnetotelluric investigations in PBG (Gephysical Exploration Company) dates back to the sixties. In Poland (mainly in the Carpathians) a few hundres of magnetotelluric and telluric soundings with an analog equipment contaning Bobrow systems as magnetic sensors had been performed for the first thirty years. In 1997PBG purchased a new magnetotelluric equipment MT-1, manufactured by EMI company, California, USA. In cooperation with experts of the University of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow and the State university of Berkeley (USA), PBG started implementing this system. this reveais the following advantages compared to those previously used in Poland: 1) A wide frequency range recording 0.0005-25 000 Hz enabling reliable interpretation of shallow deposits. 2) Application of remote (reference) station technique in recording and magnetotelluric data processing that makes it possible to remove electromagnetic noise.
   3) Possibility of synchronous recording of maximum 10 channels for one equipment set and for any number of equipments, which allows to remove subsurface heterogenous influence, and the use for detailed prospecting of relatively, shallow deposits. the purchase and implementation of Mt-1 system coincided with preparation of "Project of magnetotelluric investigations in the carpathians" by three institutions, eg. polish geological Institute, Polish Oil and Gas Company and Geophysical Exploration Company (PBG). This project is being carried out
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    21. 3. 2008
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