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    Biogeochemistry of forest catchments with contrasting lithology
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    Pavel Krám, Jakub Hruška, Ch.T. Driscoll
    Driscoll, Ch. T.
    Hruška, Jakub
    Krám, Pavel, 1960-
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    Catchment hydrological and biochemical processes in the changing environment
    s. 65-72
    4 obr., 11 bibl.
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    atmosférická depozice
    krušnohorské krystalinikum
    kyselý déšť
    malé povodí
    prvky hlavní
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    Slavkovský les
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   Biogeochemical patterns were studied in two forested catchments in the Czech Republic, one underlain by leucogranite, the other by serpentinite. The objective was to compared and contrast element pools and fluxes in the catchments with similar topography, vegetation, climate and atmospheric deposition, but different lithology. The leucogranite site showed low concentrations of exchangeable base cations on the soil exchange complex and in stream water. Supplies of base cations from atmospheric deposition and soil processes were smaller than inputs of sulfate on an equivalence basis, resulting in low pH and high concentrations of aluminium in drainage water. In contrast, high weathering rates at the serpentinite site resulted in magnesium as the dominant cation on the soil exchange complex and in drainage water. The catchment exhibited near neutral stream water pH, despite elevated inputs of acidic deposition
    Česká geologická služba
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    13. 8. 2007
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    8. 8. 2012