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    Biogeochemistry of the transition Elements in a Forested landscape (beech, Fagus sylvatica L.) with the Granite Bedrock
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    Luděk Minařík, Petr Skřivan, Anna Žigová, Jiří Bendl
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    Environmental Geochemistry of Central Bohemian Forested Landscape with Granite Bedrock (Variant.)
    Bendl, Jiří
    Minařík, Luděk
    Skřivan, Petr
    Žigová, Anna
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    Vol. 12
    p. 7-17
    7 obr., 8 tab.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Geolines (Praha)
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    kovy těžké
    malé povodí
    profil geochemický
    profil půdní
    středočeský pluton
    voda povrchová
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    Louňovice (Praha-východ)
    Vyžlovka (Kolín)
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   eochemistry of the transitions elements (TE) has been studied in the soil profile derived from the granitic rocks in the area of the Lesní potok catchment near the town of Říčany. The Te's distribution in surface water, atmospheric deposition and throughfall of the area have been discussed, too. Relative mobility of the transition metals, derived from their concentration in the soil profile and in surface water, decreases in following sequence: MnNi>Sc>Co>Zn> >Cu>Fe>Cr>V>Ti. Recent annual load of the studied catchment by the transition metals, comparable with rural areas of southern Norway, indicates decreasing trends of their emission sources. Extent of other than natural terrigenic sources of the metals in bulk precipitation, expressed by their crustal enrichment factor (CEF, normalised to Fe), decreases in following order: Zn>Cu>Ni=V=Mn>Sc=Co=Cr>Ti.
   Higher values in the first four metals are attributed to their technologenic origin, CEF value of Mn is affected by the metabolic activity of the forest vegetation, surrounding the sampling locality. Impact of the metabolic activity of forest trees on the ambient redistribution of TE's, assessed by means of the EF TH (the enrichment factor of the metals in beech throughfall), was clearly proved only in Mn
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    5. 3. 2007
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    8. 8. 2012