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    Can detailed sampling and taphonomical analysis of Foraminiferal assemblages offer new data for paleoecological interpretations?
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    Katarína Holcová
    Holcová, Katarína
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    Revue de micropaléontologie
    Vol. 40, no. 4
    p. 313-329
    7 obr., 2 tab., 1 pl., 2 s.bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Rev. Micropaléont. (Paris)
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    zpracování dat
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    Západní Karpaty
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   Distinctions between the composition of foraminiferal assemblages in lithologically different superimposed beds were established in the Lower and Middle Miocene samples from the South Slovak Basin included in the Central Paratethys. Theses distinctions may be caused by different depositional mechanisms of the individual beds. Foraminiferal assemblages from the beds were analysed quantitatively. A detailed taphonomical study of the oryctocenoses preceded paleoecological interpretations. Reworked, transported (in suspended load and bed load) and indigenous foraminiferal tests were recognized in assemblages. The distribution of these tests in beds was recorded.
   Three types of distribution were recognized: (1) only suspension-trasported foraminifers occuring in both coarser and finer beds, (2) indigenous and reworked formaniniferal tests occurring with different ratios in the beds, (3) tests trasported within bed load occurring in coarser beds, in finer beds they may be accompanied by reworked or indigenous tests. The presented analysis of foraminiferal oryctocenose from different beds supplies data on depositional environments and source areas of the sedimentary particles bearing foraminiferal tests, as well as on their trasport mechanism. Analyses showed that sampling of the same lithotype in whole sections (e.g. the finest sediments) may give fragmentary or even misleading data (better preserved indigenous assemblages may occur in coarser sediments)
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    21. 2. 2008
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