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    Carbon and oxygen isotope record across Přídolí to Givetian stage boundaries in the Barrandian basin (Czech Republic)
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    Jana Hladíková, Jindřich Hladil, Bohdan Kříbek
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    Geochemical event markers in the phanerozoic (Variant.)
    Hladíková, Jana
    Hladil, Jindřich, 1953-
    Kříbek, Bohdan, 1946-
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    Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology
    Vol. 132, no. 1-4
    p. 225-241
    9 obr., 8 tab., 25 bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol.
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    geochemie izotopická
    izotopy C
    izotopy O
    sedimenty karbonátové
    stratigrafická hranice
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    Karlštejn (Beroun)
    Koněprusy (Beroun)
    Praha-Velká Chuchle
    Suchomasty (Beroun)
Abstract (in english)
   Carbon and oxygen isotope composition and the chemistry of limestones, clayey limestones and shales were studied across stage boundaries from Pridoli to Givetian in the Barrandian basin. No substantial isotope shifts were found at the Pragian-Emsian and Emsian-Eifelian boundaries. A gradual shift in 13C values from -2.6 to +3.6 per mille was observed in Pridoli and Lochkovian limestones. This shift is inferred to have been related to a combination of higher productivity, increased deposition of organic matter and shallowing of the basin. The global Kačák-otomari event just below the Eifelian-Givetian boundary is marked by an abrupt change in carbon isotopic values from about 1 to 3 per mille in pelagic carbonates. No 13C shift was found in shallow-water carbonates at the Eifelian-Givetian boundary. High 18O values up to -1.3 per mille in Pragian.
   Emsian and early Eifelian limestones indicate that the Barrandian basin was relatively isolated from the world ocean during those intervals. Lower 18 values up to -7.5 per mille in late Eifelian limestones may indicate the end of isolation
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    20. 6. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012