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    Challenges to Chemical Geology. Abstracts (Variant.)
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    Amphiboliten from the Hoher Bogen, southern Teplá-Barrandian unit - former ocean floor basalts, not gabbros
    Atmospheric pollution by bismuth, antimony and lead since the Bronze Age in Central European lake cores dated by 210Pb and 14C
    The Brno massif: variscan reactivation of a Cadomian active continental margin
    Carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of carbonate minerals from the Jílové and Libčice gold deposits, Czech Republic
    Carboniferous (Namurian) deformation in the Blanský les massif, Southern Bohemia : U-Pb zircon evidence
    Character of palaeofluids in the western part of the Bohemian Massif: a fluid inclusion record
    Chemistry of mineral waters in relation to the composition of surrounding rocks
    Climatic changes during the Holocene: comparison between stable isotope, biostratigraphical and lithological climate records in freshwater calcareous tufa
    A controversial metamorphic record at the Moldanubicum/Bohemicum contact : a possible example of the relaxation of isotherms after rapid tectonic movement
    The cooling history of the southern Bohemian Massif
    Evolution of crustal fluids in a shear zone during retrograde metamorphism, regional uplift, and cooling : The Kašperské Hory gold deposit, Moldanubian Unit, Bohemian Massif
    Feldspathization in the Loket monzogranite - possible influence of granites of the younger intrusive complex (Karlovy Vary intrusion)
    Gas flux, gas fractionation, and tectonic structure in the western part of the Eger Rift
    Geochemistry of amphibolites and paragneisses from the contact of the Kutná Hora Crystalline Unit, Moldanubicum and Bohemicum (Central Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Geochemistry of volcanoclastic rocks of the Carpathian Neogene Foredeep, Czech Republic
    Geological model of western Bohemia in relation to the deep borehole KTB in Germany
    Granulites of the Bohemian Massif : a bag with two stories
    Granulites of the Bohemian Massif : A metamorphic history
    A highly radioactive syenite from the Moldanubian zone (western Moravia)
    Lead, zinc and copper deposition over the past 200 years for eight sites spanning a pollution gradient in the Czech Republic
    Lithotectonic correlation of the Polička and Zábřeh crystalline units
    Microtextural and geochemical evidence for magma hybridization in the genesis of calc-alkaline granitoids
    Mineral controls on the trace element and REE geochemistry of high-pressure leucogranulites from the Bohemian Massif
    The Na-amphibole bearing metabasites of W Sudetes: dismembered Variscan suture zone in the Bohemian Massif?
    Neodymium and strontium isotopes of basalts from the Doupovské hory Mts. (Bohemia)
    The occurrence and analysis of crude-oil indicia in the Barrandian basin
    Palaeoenvironment of the Lower Permian lacustrine Kalná Horizon, north-eastern Bohemian Massif : Sedimentology and stable isotope signatures
    Petrogenesis of the Variscan granites in the western edge of the Bohemian Massif
    Petrographic and geochemical studies on the Komorní Hůrka scoria cone, Cheb basin, Czech Republic
    Re-Os dating of gold deposits using accessory molybdenite at the Kašperské Hory and Petráčkova hora mines, Czech Republic
    REE in tektites
    Rheological collapse of a Bohemian Tibetan plateau : The Teplá-Barrandian unit (Central European Variscides)
    Scapolite and anhydrite-bearing rocks from the Moldanubian zone of the Bohemian Massif : metamorphosed exhalites and evaporites
    Skarns of the Bohemian Massif: origin in closed or open systems?
    Stable isotope record in Miocene fossils and sediments from Rohožník (Vienna Basin, Slovakia)
    Sulphur isotope dynamics in present-day atmospheric deposition, forest canopy, forest soil and catchment discharge
    Temporal and elevational patterns in 34S values of different types of atmospheric deposition in the Jezeří catchment, Czech Republic
    Trace-element patterns in ultrapotassic rocks of the Bohemian Massif : Implications for heterogeneity of their mantle sources
    Two contrasting alkaline volcanic series in North Bohemia
    Two distinct mantle sources of Hercynian magmas intruding the Moldanubian unit, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    U-Pb isotope geochronology and geochemical characteristics of the rocks from Voltuš area in the Rožmitál Block, Czech Republic
    Zircons and baddeleyites from differentiated meteorites - basaltic achondrites : Ion probe dating and REE systematics