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    Chemismus atmosférických srážek v oblasti Českého krasu : případová studie: Velkolom Čertovy schody
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    Chemistry of the atmospheric precipitation in the Bohemian Karst : a case study: The Čertovy Schody Quarry
    Burian, Miloš
    Cílek, Václav, jr.
    Dobešová, Irena
    Skřivan, Petr
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    Český kras
    Roč. 27
    s. 40-46
    8 obr., 3 tab., 11 bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Čes. Kras
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    kovy těžké
    migrace prvků
    srážky atmosférické
    studie environmentálních vlivů
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    Koněprusy (Beroun)
    Kostelec nad Černými Lesy (Kolín)
Abstract (in english)
   Atmospheric deposition fluxes of selected chemical elements were monitored in the broader region of the Bohemian Karst throughout the years 1997-2000, with emphasis to the activities in the Čertovy schody quarry. Results obtained in the Karst region are compared with monitored fluxes in a reference rural region in Central Bohemian, approx. 30 km SE from Prague.
   Main findings are as follows: (1) deposition fluxes of elements in the monitored region of the Bohemian Karst (with the exception of localities KJB, KJK) generally agree with the corresponding fluxes of the reference rural region; (2) deposition fluxes of Cu, Zn, Be, As, Cd, F and SO4 2- mainly originate in the large distant emission sources (coal burning power plants), main sources of Pb in the combustion of emissions of leaded gasoline; (3) deposition fluxes of elements with significant contribution of emissions from coal fired power plants (Cu, Zn, Be, As, Cd, F and SO4 2-) show temporal decrease resulting from the flue gasses desulfurication; (4) local emission sources (mainly from the industrial and urban agglomeration of Beroun) affect the deposition fluxes of Cu, Zn, Pb, (Cd, SO4 2-); (5) terrigeneous dust containing soil- and rock particles enriched the deposition fluxes of Mn, Sr, Mg, Ca, Al and Fe especially on the exposed localities inside and around the quarry; (6) the sequ
   tering effect of forest tree for solid atmospheric aerosol, which affects the composition of the precipitation below the tree canopies (the throughfall), was demonstrated in Cu, Zn, Na, Mg, Ca, Al and Fe; (7) surface of the tree crowns adsorbs also the acid gaseous compounds of F, Cl, S, and N, which is reflected in the chemistry of the throughfall; (8) essential elements and their homologues Cu, Mn, Zn, K, Mg, Ca, (Sr) and N affect the composition of throughfall by the metabolic products of the vegetation which are washed out- and leached from the surface
    Česká geologická služba
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    21. 3. 2008
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