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    Clay science at the threshold of the new millennium : a look at the history and present trends
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    Konta J.
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    Sixteenth Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), August 27-31, 2000 (Variant.)
    Konta, Jiří, 1922-
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    Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Geologica
    Vol. 44, no. 2-4
    p. 11-48
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    Bibliografie na s. 36-48
    Zkr. název ser.: Acta Univ. Carol., Geol.
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    mineralogie jílová
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   Chief events and changes in philosophy or science from the 16th to the 20th centuries preceding the beginnings of clay science are summarized in three tabular surveys. In a further tabular summary, it is shown that clay science or argillology emerged in the mid-20th-century after many pionneering discoveries and intensive activities. It has been established as an autonomous science connected with mineralogy and related inorganic but also organic disciplines of natural sciences and technology. From this time, its evolution has been supported by the development of new powerful methods and a broad interdisciplinary cooperation.
   Clay science at the end of the 20th century covers six big research regions: 1) crystal structures (including chemistry); 2) research methods; 3) natural accumulations and genetic conditions of clay and related minerals; 4) physical and physicochemical properties; 5) modified clays; 6) clay science oriented to the exploitation and beneficiation of the raw materials and the application. Each research region is divided into several subregions. The evolution of clay science is illustrated on parts of two fundamental research regions. 1) crystal structures (including chemistry) of a) clay mineral species and their groups, and of b) mixed-layer structures and their transformations; 2) research methods. The present trends and next future of clay science can be seen as a continuation in the six big reseach regions going into greater depth and breadth
    Česká geologická služba
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