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    Composition and morphology of fly ash from fluidized bed combustion of brown coal
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    Ivana Sýkorová, Jiří Smolík, Jaroslav Schwarz, O. Kerkkonen, Jan Kučera, Vladimír Havránek
    Havránek, Vladimír
    Kerkkonen, O.
    Kučera, Jan
    Schwarz, Jaroslav
    Smolík, Jiří
    Sýkorová, Ivana, 1969-
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    Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    s. 207-210
    1 obr., 1 tab., 7 bibl.
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    kovy těžké
    severočeská pánev
    uhlí hnědé
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    Vršany (Most)
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   The chemical composition and morphology of fly ash captured in cyclone, bottom ash and ultrafine particles separated in the low pressure impactor produced by the two modes of combustion (oxidation and reductions) are determined. The two types of brown coal from the North Bohemian basin are characterized by reflectance, maceral, mineralogical and chemical composition. It was found that composition and morphology of fly ash depends on reaction conditions, coal quality and size distribution of particles
    Česká geologická služba
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    28. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012