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    Cyanocohniella calida gen. et sp. nov. (Cyanobacteria: Aphanizomenonaceae) a new cyanobacterium from the thermal springs from Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
    Berrendero Gomez, E.
    Hladil, Jindřich
    Johansen, J. R.
    Kaštovský, J.
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    článek v odborném periodiku
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    Roč. 181, č. 5
    s. 279-292
    Rozsah: 14 s. : P
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    Karlovy Vary
    new genus
    polyphasic approach
    thermal springs
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   In aquatic environment of Karlovy Vary hot springs, a successful re-isolation of a material to the formerly indicated but lost cyanobacterial strain was made, so that the work on its definition and description has been finalized. The newly described genus and species (Cyanocohniella calida gen. et sp. nov.) greatly differs from assumed affinity to the group of Mastigocladus and must be placed in Aphanizomenonaceae. The strain is also very distinct among other Aphanizomenonaceae and Nostocaceae and is recognizable by its unique combination of characteristics related to 1) thermal tolerance, 2) life cycle with Pseudanabaenaceae-, Nostoc- and Chlorogloeopsis-like stages, 3) absence of aerotopes, and 4) results on SSU-rRNA gene sequences and phylogenetic analyses. According to 16S rRNA gene relationships, Cyanospira and Anabaenopsis have been identified as sister taxa, but these are spiral, planktonic forms with aerotopes, tropical genera and species which are clearly distinct from C.
    AV ČR Brno, Geologický ústav
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    AV ČR, GLÚ
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    23. 10. 2014