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    Development diversity of peatlands in Bohemian Forest
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    Lenka Soukupová
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    Diversita vývoje rašelinišť Šumavy
    Proceedings of The MAB UNESCO's conference Geo-biodiversity of the Bohemian/Bavarian Forest: Trilateral Research, Conservation and Management of the Frontier Mountains (Variant.)
    Soukupová, Lenka
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    Silva Gabreta : sborník vědeckých prací ze Šumavy
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    Zkr. název ser.: Silva Gabreta
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    kvartér Českého masivu
    ochrana přírody
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   (1) Peatlands in the Šumava National Park cover 15of the area. This rather high proportion contrasts with their location on the southern boundary of bog distribution. (2) Two opposing processes have been active in the development in basic mire types in Bohemian Forest. In lower altitudes, terrestrialization proceeds even since the Late Glacial usually behind the natural leveés and results in the formation of valley raised-bogs, occupied by Pinus rotundata forests (in local toponymy often called niva/luh, Au). On mild slopes of concave palaeorelief between 1000 m and 1250 m, paludification proceeds probably since the Atlantic, and results in origin of sloping mires with Pinus x pseudopumilio krummholz (cf. locally designated as slať, Filz.). (3) Complicated microhydrological deifferentiation of mire surface into hummocks, ridges, hollows, flarks, lawns, pools, kettle-holes and bog-lakes predetermines highly diversified microenvironments occupied by vegetation of various growth strategy.
   Ultimate raising of mire surface is controlled by interactive effect of biomass production, necromass accumulation and decomposition differing between the bog (nutrient-poorer) and fen (nutrient-richer) components of the mire complex. (4) Adequate actuo-ecological knowledge of peatlands is desired for decision-making in nature conservation and landscape management of the Bohemian Forest landscape
    Česká geologická služba
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    20. 2. 2008
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