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    Distribution of elements in the world lignite average and its comparison with lignite seams of the North Bohemian and Sokolov Basins
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    Vladimír Bouška, Jiří Pešek
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    Distribuce prvků v modelové světové hnědouhelné sloji a její srovnání s hnědouhelnými slojemi severočeské a sokolovské pánve
    Bouška, Vladimír
    Pešek, Jiří, 1936-
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    Folia Musei rerum naturalium Bohemiae occidentalis. Geologica
    Vol. 42
    p. 50
    11 obr., 8 fot., 20 tab., 4 s.bibl.
    České resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Folia Mus. Rer. natur. Bohem. occident., Geol.
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    analýza statistická
    mapa geochemická
    oblast snosová
    obsah popela
    podkrušnohorské pánve
    prvky stopové
    uhelná sloj
    uhlí hnědé
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   The increased concern over the environmental impact of combustion of fossil fuels provides the impetus for learning more about the trace elements in lignites and subbituminous coals used for energy generation. Knowing the concentration of trace elements in these coals is generally not sufficient information to enable an assessment of their potential impact on the environment. It is necessary to know the probable modes of occurence of sulfur and trace elements in coal in order to apprehend all the necessary technological parameters. Sulphur is considered to be the most harmful element in atmospheric emissions and fall-out. total sulfur content (Std) in lignite of the North Bohemian Basin corresponds to the geometric mean 1.61 wt% at n=12979 and is mostly influences by the presence of iron disulfides.
   In the Sokolov Basin, the majority of S is bound to iron disulfides, too, total sulfur content (Std) in lignite of the Sokolov Basin is 1.64 wt% at n=14258, however in lignite of the Josef seam is much higher (x=4.58 wt% at n=4230). Three genetically different types of iron disulfides occur in lignite of both basins-synsedimentary (early diagenetic), diagenetic and epigenetic. The average content of organic sulphur in lignite of the Sokolov Basin is higher relatively to the North Bohemian Basin. Arsenic is positively correlated with sulfur. Three data sets on sulfur and trace elements distribution were statistically treated to compare the lignite of the North Bohemian and Sokolov basin with the world model lignite seam (world lignite average). The method of data normalization turned out to be used.
   It resulted in the idea that during the early stages of the development of the North Bohemian as well as the Sokolov Basin, the weathered rocks surrounding the depressions were exposed to erosion which allowed the weathered material to supply the basins with S, As and other elements
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    25. 3. 2008
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