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    Early Palaeozoic palaeobiogeography of northern Gondwana regions
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    Florentin Paris
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    Pre-Variscan Terrane Analysis of "Gondwanan Europe" (Variant.)
    Paris, Florentin
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    Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Geologica
    Roč. 42, č. 3-4
    s. 473-483
    5 obr., 3 s.bibl.
    Francouzské resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Acta Univ. Carol., Geol.
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    vrásnění variské
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   Faunal data from southern Europe and North Africa are used to evaluate the contribution of northern Gondwana regions to the construction of the Variscan Belt. These data include benthic forms as well as pelagic taxa of Ordovician to devonian age. They document gradients of faunal and sedimentological affinities: Central Iberian and Medio-North Armorican regions were closely connected (Ibero-Armorican Domain) during the Early Palaeozoic, with a full contact between western Brittany and central Portugal ("Crozon-Bucaco linkage"). This Ibero-Armorican Domain maintained close faunal relationships with the cratonic part of Northern Gondwana, especially with the Algerian Sahara, throughout the Early Palaeozoic (Ibarmaghian Domain). They are part of a wider palaeobiogeographic entity usually regarded as the Northern Gondwana Province which differs faunally and sedimentologically from the northern part of Europe.
   early rifting evidence in the Cambrian suggests the separation of East Avalonia from northern Gondwana regions in the Arenig-Llanvirn, as the resulting Rheic Ocean acted as a fully functional barrier from the Llandeilian onward. Faunal differences between the East Avalonia and Baltic regions on the one hand, and northern Gondwana regions on the other, increased during the Ordovician and part of the Silurian. These differences persisted to the earliest Devonian when some faunal exchanges occurred. This limited communication preceded late Emsian homogeneity, the latter indicating an important narrowing of the Rheic Ocean prior to the main Variscan continental collision. As far as faunas are concerned, there is no evidence for a wide and long lived separation of the Ibero-Armorican region from the northern Sahara shelf during the Devonian. Within the late Variscan belt, terranes with indisputable northern Gondwana affinities (e.g.
   Medio-North Armorican regions) are located in a surprisingly northern position with regard to the crystalline axis of the chain
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    17. 8. 2007
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