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    Ein metalateritisches Denudations-Niveau als lithologisch und zeitlich korrelierbarer Bezugshorizont in Phylliten, Glimerschieferen und Gneissen des ostbayerischen Grundgebirges
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    Hubert Mielka, Johann Rohrmüller, Dieter Gebauer
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    Geowissenschaftliche Untersuchungen im Umfeld der Kontinentalen Tiefbohrung (KTB), Oberpfalz (Variant.)
    Gebauer, Dieter
    Mielka, Hubert
    Rohrmüller, Johann
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    Geologica bavarica
    Jg. 101
    9 obr., 5 fot., 3 tab., 4 s.bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Geologica bavar.
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    moldanubikum Českého lesa
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    Dyleň (Tachov)
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   Alumina- and manganese rich rocks within the Saxothuringian and Moldanubian zones of Eastern Bavarica can, based on their characteristic mineral parageneses, readily be traced as marker horizons. These meta-laterites are both conformably and unconformably bounded by pelitic, quartzitic and volcanic beds of low- to high metamorphic grade in the Fichtelgebirge (Saxothuringikum) and high-grade metamorphic rocks in the Oberpfälzer and the Passauer Wald (Moldanubicum). The present appearance of the meta-laterites is characterized by five different stages of metamorphic degrees. Common to all five stages is the metamorphic new growth of garnet, albite/oligoclase and alumina-silicate resulting in a significant coarsening of the grain-size. This facilitates the recognition of tectonic elements like folds and faults, that are otherwise difficult or impossible to map due to the lack of other suitable marker horizons in the country-rocks.
   Geochemically, the studied rocks are characterized, apart from their enrichment in Al and Mn, by elevated contents of Fe, Na, K and Ti (127 analyses). Ion probe (Shrimp) analyses carried out on zircons from the felsic metavolcanics that closely follow the marker horizon demonstrate Ordovician ages at ca. 470 Ma for both Saxothuringian and Moldanubian samples
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    14. 8. 2007
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    8. 8. 2012