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    Evolution and extinctions. Proceedings of the Second Local Meeting of the IGCP 335 Project "Recoveries from mass extinctions". Brno, November 23, 1995 (Variant.)
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    An attempt to define the ecological concept of refugia using basic system deliberation
    Biotic crises and post-crisis recoveries recorded by Silurian planktonic graptolite faunas of the Barrandian area (Czech Republic)
    Cascade of causally linked effects of rapid glaciation-deglaciation events: a possible cause of non-selectivy of mass extinction
    Diversity, patchiness, biomass production, and coverage of seafloor: response to extinction-recovery processes
    Heterochrony: response of Amphibia to cooling events
    Marine ecosystems based on chemoautotrophic and methylotrophic bacteria as possible refuge for living fossils
    The Middle Devonian Kačák Event in the Barrandian area
    Restoring gradients grom fossil communities: a graph theory approach
    The Roblín Event and its ichnological record (Srbsko Formation, Middle Devonian, Bohemia)