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    Experimental acid leaching of metals from biotite of the Říčany monzogranite
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    Luděk Minařík, Miloš Burian, Jiří K. Novák
    Burian, Miloš
    Minařík, Luděk
    Novák, Jiří K.
Source title - serial
    Věstník Českého geologického ústavu (Bulletin of the Czech Geological Survey)
    Vol. 72, no. 3
    p. 239-244
    1 fot., 3 diagr., 5 tab., 23 bibl.
    České resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Věst. Čes. geol. Úst. (Bull. Czech geol. Surv.)
Subject group
    chemismus hornin
    migrace prvků
    petrologie experimentální
    středočeský pluton
Geographical name
    Říčany (Praha-východ)
Abstract (in english)
   he biotite transformation and release of heavy metals during chemical weathering and oxidation were simulated with the acidic leaching using 0.01 M HNO3 in laboratory at 22°C and atmospheric PO2 conditions. As a result of the fourteen-day leaching, the sequence of relative metal mobility was calculated. Among selected elements, the toxic cadmium, arsenic and berylium may be mostly released into reaction solutions and consequently into soils. General sequence for cation mobility is: Cd Be> Cu> As> Co-> Ni> Pb> Zn> Mn> Al> Fe> Cr. The dissolution of the parent monzogranite in acidic solutions (locality Srbín near Říčany) shows higher mobility of Cu, Cd, Ni, Co, Mn and Zn than that of Be, As, Fe, Pb, Cr, and Al
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    21. 2. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012