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    Formation and destabilization of the high pressure assemblage garnet-phengite-paragonite (Krušné hory Mountains, Bohemian Massif): The significance of the Tschermak substitution in the metamorphism of pelitic rocks
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    Jiří Konopásek
    Konopásek, Jiří
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    Vol. 42, no. 3-4
    p. 269-284
    7 obr., 1 fot., 5 tab., 2 s.bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Lithos
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    metamorfóza vysokotlaká
    podmínky P-T
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    Měděnec (Chomutov)
    Pernštějn (Chomutov)
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   The metamorphism of low-alumina metapelites along high pressure gradients involves only a few continuous and discontinuous reactions that produce minor variations in modal mineralogy. This is the case with metamorphic rocks forming the (para-)autochthonous sequence in the vicinity of the village of Měděnec (Krušné hory Mts., Bohemian Massif). Metamorphic reactions taking place among micas, garnets and feldspars can be described using Tschermak exchange and NaK -1 exchange. Pressure-temperature conditions for some of theses continuous reactions were calculated from minerals compositions. These calculations suggest that the Tschermak and NaK -1 exchanges are sensitive monitors of pressure and temperature conditions in these rocks, the mineral assemblages of which are unsuitable for experimentally calibrated thermobarometers. The results show metamorphic temperatures of 580-630 C at a pressure of 13-15 kbar during metamorphism of Pre-Variscan basement beneath a nappe sequence
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    5. 2. 2009
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    8. 8. 2012